Environmental Conscience

In today’s global market, our buying power goes well beyond the product purchased. What we buy acts as a vote for a company’s political and environmental policies. Diamond Tropical Hardwoods is an exemplary model of how companies can provide a superior product at affordable prices, while also enriching the environment and culture of the people. This Pennsylvania-based company has taken a long-term view by planting the most valuable, rarest, hardest exotic woods.   Diamond Tropical Hardwoods has the hardest, most beautiful wood in the world.  

The company’s commitment to the environment also extends to the local community in Costa Rica. The enterprise supports local schools and communities.   “Strong schools serve everyone. The children of the people we work with will be our accountants, lawyers, and doctors.”  In addition, all of the bridges between the province of San Jose and the main road in the province of Puntarenas have been built with help from the company. The fact that the employees in Diamond Tropical Hardwoods are treated like family members is evidenced in the amazing quality of their wooden products.