Monkeypod slab #1354 – 79″ long x 47 “- 55 ” wide x 3 ″ thick



This listing is for one giant slab number 1354 of  Monkeypod wood (scientific name pithecolobium samans).  Monkeypod wood is similar to figured black walnut.  This price is less than $9.50 per board foot (one board foot = 144 cubic inches or a piece of wood that measures 12″ x 12″ x 1″ thick).  Some of our clients pay up to $15 per board foot for Monkeypod. This slab is 79″ long x 47 “- 55 ” wide x 3 ″ thick Fine Sanded.  The pictures show both sides of this kiln dried slab.  The dark areas are places that we sealed with wax prior to kiln drying.  
Please note that shipping costs will be determined by your address.
This slab of Monkeypod will make an incredible dining table or bar.  
We also sell teak, mango, mahogany, cocobolo rosewood, tigerwood, granadillo, orangeheart, yellowheat, goncalo alves, redheart, spanish cedar, lignum vitae, and other fancy exotics.   We have lots of these freeform slabs.   Many are cut from the same log or bookmatched so they can be used together in dining tables or bars.  The giant bar stools we made for a client–please note the fingernails and creases in the palms.   We make world class furniture.   Please call or email if you need different dimensions.
We have a full line of fancy exotic tropical woods!   We are famous for recycling and salvaging wood. 
We have our own kilns and sawmills and can custom cut wood including services such as sanding.  We also have a line of outdoor furniture which you can see at our website diamond     

  This wood weighs around 277 pounds.   Shipping will be arranged via common carrier or motor freight. Items that weigh more than 150 pounds cannot be shipped via UPS or FEDEX. These larger items (or a large quantity of smaller items) need to be shipped via Motor Freight/Common Carrier. Please provide your email and address so that we can get you a shipping quote. We can also have this Monkeypod shipped to the nearest trucking center or disribution center where you can pick it up.  These trucking centers are usually less than half an hour from where you live.   This Monkeypod can be picked up at our warehouse facility at 220 North Main Street, Sellersville, PA  18960

Additional information

Weight 282 lbs
Dimensions 84 x 60 x 8 in