Satisfied clients include Stanford University, Sutherland Teak, Dream Hotel Miami, Four Seasons, Amgen, Boeing, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, Timbmet, C.Leary, Brooks Bros., Thompson Mahogany, Henry Hall Designs, Marders.

” Kevin  I got the teak for the rub rails on my boat. It looks really good.  It is obviously very good quality. Thank you! “

Rick L. in FL

“Hi Kevin, I received the teak wood: it is perfect.  Thank you so much!  “

Cheers, Leslie S. in PA

“The teak wood looks great!  Thanks guys!  I’ll send some pics of the speargun build when I am done.  I will be a repeat customer!”

Eric W. in FL

“Thank you so much for your excellent service.  As usual, you have done excellent work.  Thank You. Pura Vida.”

Wes W. in Costa Rica.

“Just wanted to follow up on my recent order. The new deck (see below) looks totally terrific. The boat is 53 years old, and now looks brand new.  Your reasonably priced teak made it feasible.”

Mark H. in MA

“Thanks again.  If you ever need a recommendation feel free to pass my name along— “I will sing your praises”  Kind regards”

Lynette Raap