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diamond tropical hardwoods planted forest

Goncalo Alves

Tigerwood Pen Blanks

Goncalo Alves/Tigerwood Slabs

Tigerwood Turning Squares 

Tigerwood and Goncalo Alves Slabs with brown and red flashes and stripes
Tigerwood and Goncalo Alves Turning Squares
Tigerwood and Goncalo Alves with stripes and pretty grain stacked


Pen Blanks

Turning Squares

About Goncalo Alves

Goncalo Alves also known as Tigerwood is a versatile and beautiful hardwood. It flourishes in the Neotropical regions of Costa Rica.  The brilliant orange, red, and black stripes give each piece of wood a unique identity.  Our Goncalo Alvis is fantastic for pen blanks, veneer, lumber, and furniture due to its durability and grain.  We make a promise to you that our Goncalo Alves is sustainably and ethically produced.

Goncalo Alves Tigerwood wood case with spalting
Tigerwood Goncalo Alves table with brown and orange stripes
Tigerwood turning squares with bright grain
Giant Tigerwood slabs
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