30" Planed,edged and sanded Teak


This will make some great spear guns or could be used for teak decking on boats or for outdoor furniture. This is S4S All Heartwood Teak. These have been planed, edged, and sanded


This is 100% heartwood = marine grade teak that is used on boats. We have a lot of clients who buy this teak wood to make spearguns. Other clients use this teak for decking on boats. This piece of teak will cover one square foot of area. We also stock different sizes so if you need longer, wider, thinner or thicker please call or email.

This is true teak wood with the scientific name tectona grandis. Teak wood is very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors for a wide range of uses. We have huge amounts of teak in stock and these include giant slabs that come from beautiful crotches and other highly figured parts of trees–burls, fiddleback, curly, etc. We have thicker teak slabs and also sell tongue in groove teak siding/cladding, flooring, and finished teak products. Teak has natural oils that enable the wood to be used outdoors. These oils keep rain and snow from penetrating into the wood and make teak the most durable and long lasting wood for outdoor use! Teak is one of the most famous woods in the world because of its amazing qualities.

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