Cocobolo Rosewood Bowl Blanks


This listing is for one Cocobolo Bowl Blank, this will make a great bowl, you can see a good example in the pictures above.


We offer these with Free shipping! 


Please note that outside the U.S. shipping is not free and CITES permits are required for export/import.


Cocobolo Rosewood (Dalbergia Retusa):

  • One of the finest and most beautifully figured woods in the world
  • True Rosewoods in the dalbergia family have colors as widely diverse as a rainbow
  • An incredibly figured wood, cocobolo is very hard with brilliant colors and amazing black stripes
  • Oranges, reds, browns and blacks all swirled uniquely together are a trademark of this fantastic wood
  • The best cocobolo comes from Nicaragua as wood from this source is harder and more colorful than Mexican cocobolo
  • End sealed with wax and kiln dried 


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