Sanded Mango Crosscuts Various Size & Shape

This listing is for one beautiful Mango crosscut that has been sanded and kiln-dried. The scientific name for Mango is Mangifera indica. This crosscut has been sanded and kiln dried. It will make a great coffee or dining table or decoration. Mango wood is incredibly figured with lots of fiddleback, burls, crotches, and incredible figures. In fact, mango is the highest-figured wood that we have come across in more than 20 years in the fancy exotic wood business. The mango crosscut come in various sizes ranging from 12" -30". Mango is a fruit wood and easy to work turners love this wood. We also sell giant blanks for making bowls. We have lots of mango including many slabs with free form or natural edges=wane. . Please call or email if you need different dimensions. Discount offered for bulk purchases! We have a full line of fancy exotic tropical woods! We are famous for recycling and salvaging wood. We have our own kilns and sawmills and can custom cut wood and change the shape by edging, planing, molding, sanding, etc. In order to ensure a source of consistently superior wood that is also environmentally-friendly, we have developed and continue to maintain our own tree plantatio
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