Teak Tongue and Grove 100% Heartwood (20 sq ft)


This teak wood is 7/16 inches thick and has a 2.75 inch wide face that you see when installed.   This teak has a microbevel or V groove where the pieces fit together.

The price is for one pack that covers twenty square feet of area.

These teak tongue and groove pieces are very popular.  They are beautiful, durable, and practical.  This is very easy to install by sending a fastener through the tongue at a 45 degree angle.

If you need a larger quantity or specific size please call or email.

  • Shipping is costly for oversized goods through UPS Ground.

    Anything over 48 is considered oversized. If you are able and want to save money on shipping, call us 215-257-2556 and schedule a pickup at our warehouse 220 North Main Street, Sellersville Pa 18960.

  • Each pack has a different number of boards to be able to net 20 sq ft.

    96" = 10 boards

    84" = 11 boards

    72" = 12 boards

    60" =  14 boards

    48" =  17 boards

    36" = 21 boards

    30" = 23 boards

    24" = 34 boards