Poly Finished Teak Wood Table Base - T2434


This teak log has been sanded and finished with polyurethane and is ready to be used indoors or outdoors. Teak has natural oils and silica that make the wood really durable.


Teak wood also has a lot of character and grain.

This teak log has a really cool, funky shape!

This teak log base has been kiln dried. These teak logs make great bases for coffee tables, end tables, or for displaying artwork.
You could even use it in your shower as a seat!

This base is 9 to 13 inches in diameter and 26 inches tall and weight is the 60 lbs.


Teak wood is one of the most beautiful and durable woods in the world; that is why teak is used on the finest yachts as well as for furniture (see www.diamondteak.com) We have been planting teak trees in democratic Costa Rica since 1993.



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