Sanded Strangler Fig Base - SF3242


This listing is for Strangler Fig base - SF3242 that will make a great end table, coffee table, or conversation piece.


This Strangler Fig wood base has been squared and sanded and is ready to use. The Strangler Fig is incredibly harmful to trees. They "Strangle" the tree and suck up all the nutrients the tree needs to survive. We cut these off to save and protect our trees. By purchasing a strangler fig you are protecting trees firsthand!

They can be transformed into beautiful sturdy tables that would look great in your home!


This base is 16 to 21 inches in diameter and 29 inches tall.


Learn more about Strangler Figs and our effoerts to reforest the rainforest! (see & We have been planting teak trees in democratic Costa Rica since 1993. Please help us with our reforestation efforts by purchasing our sustainable products. We can only promise to plant trees with your money!

Cordially, Diamond Tropical Hardwoods

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