Teak Slab #2957


This listing is for Teak Slab #2957


Teak slabs are known for their durability and beautiful figure which makes them perfect for desks, counters, and art installations.  Teak has a high oil content which is almost like a natural finish. Our teak is used on yachts and designer furniture so these pieces can fit any job or project.


Many clients have created beautiful dining room tables, bar tops, or epoxy river tables.

Slabs like this are sure to make a statement in your home. 


We have been planting trees on old cattle farms since 1993.  Your purchase will enable us to continue this reforestation.
Diamond Tropical Hardwoods

  • Length


    Side A


    Side B

    Thickness Weight

    BD FT

    100" 27" - 35" 24" - 32" 2 1/8" 151 lbs 45.7
  • These slabs are OVERSIZED, so they are expensive to ship. The shipping cost is NOT included in the price of the slab. It is very hard to predict how costly shipping can be. We will make sure you get your slab, but we will reach out to get your address and provide a shipping quote. This slab weights almost 80lbs, shipping can be expected to be above $200. Thank you!

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