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Exotic Wood Turning Squares

We carry a variety of species of hardwood turning squares. Coming in multiple sizes, our blanks are all listed with true dimensions. We carry a range of sizes that can be used for a variety of projects. Our smallest squares can be 1"x1" to 3"x3" wide and 6"-36" long.  Our Cocobolo Rosewood turning squares come in multiple grades that can affect the color and figure of the wood. More information on the grading of these woods can be found on their individual pages.  Our exotic hardwoods are phenomenal for pool cue blanks.

About our Turning Squares

♛Cocobolo King♛


Cocobolo with sapwood

cocobolo rosewood king scales and turning squares with crazy figured swirls and grain
Cocobolo rosewood turning squares in violet purple orange yellow brown and red
Cocobolo turning squares with sapwood


Goncalo Alves



Spanish Cedar


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