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36 inch by 36 inch teak trellis
teak trellises used for gardening
teak wood planters stacked by DTH
teak planter filled with pretty red flowers


one of a kind mango table with stumps that are chairs
full set mango live edge table and charis
teak wood designer spirit song chair
teak wood spirit song designer furniture
giant monkeypod wood slab


large teak wood slab
highly figured mango wood slab
large spanish cedar slab
granadillo wood slab
tigerwood wood slab
exotic strangler fig base


beautiful teak wood base with a hole
mango wood base with a hole in it
monkeypod raintree wood base
all heartwood cocobolo rosewood base
teak wood sturdy base
highly figured granadillo lumber
highly figured mango wood lumber
teak wood grain with lots of figure zoomed in
monkeypod wood or rain tree grain zoomed in


highly figured mahogany lumber
highly figured spanish cedar lumber
highly figured tigerwood lumber
cocobolo rosewood figure


bulk cocobolo rosewood pen blanks stacked with high figure
Granadillo Cookie with red and white wood
highly figured cocobolo rosewood turning squares for pool cue
construction grade teak posts stacked
quartersawn teak wood tongue and groove
fiddle back mango guitar from Diamond Tropical Hardwoods
48 inch teak trellis
Teak Planters and window boxes stacked
Diamond Tropical Hardwoods Logo
two granadillo tiger wood turning squares with stripes and flashes of figure

Granadillo Pen Blanks

Reddish Brown Granadillo Turning Squares and Pen Blanks with figure
Grandadillo Lumber with red brown and orange figure with a small bit of white sapwood

Granadillo Lumber

Granadillo Turning Squares

Diamond Tropical Hardwoods reforested plantation in Costa Rica


About Granadillo

  Granadillo is a rare, high-quality hardwood that has been a top choice for Instrument and Furniture making for centuries. Granadillo is coveted for its brilliant orange, red, and brown grain. Granadillo is famously known as the wood that sings due to its tones in musical instruments. Throughout the Americas, it is the top choice in marimbas and xylophones. All of our Granadillo is sustainably sourced and milled to supply you with better quality than our Competitors in a timely fashion.  We carry lumber, blanks of many sizes, and even large live-edge slabs. 

Grandillo Crosscut with rings, heartwood and sapowood
granadillo pen blanks with lots of figure
granadillo turning squares with lots of figure
Granadillo Lumber and boards with heartwood and sapwood
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