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We have hundreds of unique sizes slabs of multiple species. These beautiful natural wood slabs have many uses. Beautifully figured wood that catches your eye every time! Make a statement with your dining room table from our large selection of unique, one-of-a-kind slabs.

We have finished slabs with clear coat finishes or sanded. All of our slabs are kiln-dried and ready or use

We format our slabs list on an excel spreadsheet.  It has been embedded down below and separated by species. We recommend you start your search by dimensions and find a few that would fit in your project, then look at images to find the perfect one. 

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Spanish Cedar Slabs

Spanish Cedar is a beatiful, exotic wood that when cut has very red-pink tint.  This wood is very rare and is phenomenal for outdoor usage due to its natural oils.  These slabs are perfect for any project!

Granadillo Slabs

Granadillo wood is coveted for its red-brown hues with flashes of violet, black, and orange.   It is a great alternative to cocobolo for people who like the durability and figure of a rosewood but without the high oil content.   The heartwood of this wood is incredibly resistant to mold which means that these slabs are great for wet environments. 

Silkwood Slabs

Silkwood is an efficient and solid species of wood.  It has a beautiful light color with a ribbon figure. It is also known for its resemblance of satinwood. It makes great slabs and they are the highest value option we carry at Diamond Tropical Hardwoods

Goncalo Alves/Tigerwood Slabs

Goncalo Alves is also known as tigerwood is known for its dark stripes over reddish brown wood. These stripes give every board and slab a unique identity.  Slabs are very hard to come by for Goncalo Alves so we recommend purchasing quickly!

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