This is our beautiful handcrafted Spirit Song line.  View the full collection of our award-winning Earth-friendly Spirit Song teak furniture. Shop for Spirit Song teak benches and chairs that lasts a lifetime and helps the environment.

Spirit Song Collection

Diamond Tropical Hardwoods Spirt Song Collection 

Spirit Song 

Introducing our Spirit Song collection. Golden teak and shimmering stainless steel blend together in a timeless elegance of strength and stability. This exquisite line of heirloom furniture can be combined in countless arrangements for both indoor and outdoor use. Each design in the collection is a work of art, with graceful, elegant curves crafted by the team of Tiffany and Tiffany. This beautiful furniture graces gardens, fine homes, snowy mountaintop retreats, and tropical island resorts. Its comfort and strength have enriched university campuses, national museums, and corporate parks. The functional durability and aesthetic character of the Spirit Song Collection will soar above your expectations.