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a large teak base with a slim teak slab on top with a white background

Teak Bases

About our Teak

Kevin Yardley of Diamond Teak in Sellersville, Pa. is a reforestation expert who specializes in manufacturing and selling sustainable teak furniture and accessories throughout the world. He also plants and harvests trees of various species on plantations in Central America and sells them as FSC-certified products on a global scale as well, a service that makes up about 10 percent of his business. He says his customers prefer knowing his products have met proper certification criteria. “All the teak from Costa Rica where we work, it’s all planted for human consumption, like corn from Iowa or potatoes from Idaho. It’s planted in rows, and we process it, and we ship it all over the world. We supply global timber in Denmark, they buy up to 30 container loads of teak a month. They love that it’s FSC certified and chain of custody. They won’t buy wood if that’s not the case. A lot of our clients won’t buy the wood unless it’s FSC certified and chain of custody,” says Yardley, who adds much of his supply is on back order due to the pandemic. Yardley has worked with and planted hundreds and thousands of teak trees for over 30 years, and in that span lived on a teak plantation in Costa Rica for seven years. Having so much experience with the species, he’s familiar with sourcing difficulties associated with it. “The teak supply now is tenuous. It’s limited. There are lot of problems with the supply chain and a lot of people cannot get wood. Teak is very expensive. It’s an industrial application wood,” he says. “If you look at teak, currently, most of it is cut too young. You need teak to be at least 25 years old". 

giant teak posts being measured by DTH
3 teak slabs with brown gold yellow and orange.  All 3 teak slabs are different shapes
a kitchen covered with teak tongue and groove from DTH

Teak Posts

Teak Slabs

Teak Tongue & Groove

a giant teak crosscut being used as a mirror
teak boards stacked at a sawmill
all heartwood teak pen blanks stacked in formation

Teak Crosscuts 

Teak Boards

Teak Pen Blanks


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bathroom with teak tongue and groove from DTH
teak base with teak crosscut being used as a table
Teak window box on a porch overlooking a blue lake and trees
Giant wood base with a glass top

About Teak

Teak (Tectona grandis) is a tropical hardwood tree species well known for its incredible durability and water resistance. Teak has a high natural oil content, primarily silica which provides its strength and decay resistance. All our Teak has been sustainably sourced from our plantations in Costa Rica. We are proud to provide some of the most highly figured and durable teak that is also environmentally sustainable and properly sourced. All of our Teak is 100% FSC & FEQ certified with proper chain of custody certifications. Many clients over the years have created beautiful projects including indoor & outdoor furniture, boat decking, shelving, and much more!

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