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About Mango

Mango wood is a beautiful hardwood known for its pale color with brilliant flashes of yellow and blue. Mango is a highly utilized wood from Lumber to Veneer. Our mango is renowned for its beautiful grain, figure, and durability.   Mango is the most highly figured wood we have come across in all of our 35+ years of business.  The mango we carry has an abundance of swirls, curls, and burls.  Many of the pieces contain spalting and chocolate-colored heartwood. 

A mango crosscut with a pearl inlay
Mango wood slab that is bookmatched with fiddleback figure
Mango Crosscut with spalting and apple and wine


Man sanding giant mango crosscuts
mango wood slab on a metal frame
Mango wood turning squares 3x3x12 with lots of colorful figure

Mango Slabs

Mango Crosscuts

Squared Mango & Turning Squares 

Hundreds of figured mango wood pen blanks
Mango wood boards of different dimensions

Mango Pen Blanks

Mango Boards

Mango Veneer

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