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teak wood grain with lots of figure zoomed in
monkeypod wood or rain tree grain zoomed in




About our Crosscuts

Each Crosscut tells a story that helps see, feel, and understand the Tree. These beautiful crosscuts can be used for coffee tables and any other project imaginable. They are cut directly from our 100% environmentally sustainable teak trees in Costa Rica. Teak is an extremely dense wood due to its oil content and dense grain. It is used on the decks of navy ships and will work perfectly as a tabletop.

Of the crosscut, we carry Mango and Monkeypod brings the most variety and variation.  Both are durable and work perfectly as tables or for art projects.  Mango and Monkeypod are on opposite ends of the spectrum colorwise so be sure to check the master list to find a full variety of what you need.

teak crosscut with swirls and dark figure used a mirror
Glossy finished teak crosscut used as a coffee table
teak crosscut being used a platter with wine grapes and apples
teak crosscuts put together with blue glitter epoxy on a reused mast
teak crosscut with a hole in the middle
Triangle shaped teak crosscut
Star shaped teak crosscut

Teak Crosscuts

Check out our master list for pictures and dimensions of our Sanded Teak Crosscuts.  With an abundance of all shapes and sizes, you are sure to have the variety you need to make the right choice in Teak Crosscuts.  Supplies are limited due to high demand. 

Mango Crosscuts

We have Mango Crosscuts or Cross Sections of trees from 8 to 60 inches in diameter.  With each of these crosscuts, you are getting a unique part of a mango tree.  All of these crosscuts show unique and beautiful differentiation. 

Mango Crosscutwith spalting
Circular mango crosscut with spalting
weirdly shaped mango crosscut

Monkeypod Crosscuts

Monkeypod Crosscuts come in thick portions with loads of figure and grain.  Many can feature beautiful swirls curls and burls.  Each crosscut is unique and special so make sure to get the one that fits your vision! Supplies are limited due to high demand. 

monkeypod crosscut with tight rings
dark monkeypod crosscut
dark monkeypod crosscut with sapwood
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