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reforestation project by DTH in Costa Rica


About Monkeypod

Monkeypod is an Exotic Hardwood that is famous for giant live edge slabs. Monkeypod is uniquely beautiful due to its dark streaks of heartwood. All of our FSC CoC certified Monkeypod is sustainably sourced from our plantations in Costa Rica where the trees can grow up to 100 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter.  The majority of our Monkeypod wood is used in giant slabs which can be seen here. These virtually indestructable slabs can be used for any project imaginable. Monkeypod also makes great quartersawn lumber due to its strength in both figure and durability.  We also carry a wide variety of cross cuts taken straight from fallen trees in Costa Rica. For every piece of Monkeypod sold, we use your money to plant more trees

a monkey pod slab on top of two monkeypod slabs being used a stand
monkeypod or rain tree crosscut with golden swirls
monkeypod slab used as a table in an office
monkeypod or rain tree crosscut with golden swirls
monkeypod natural edge slab table mokeypod slab epoxy
monkeypod natural base stump log monkeypod wood

Monkeypod Crosscuts 

Monkeypod Slabs

Monkeypod Bases

Monkeypod Lumber

Monkeypod Blanks

monkeypod lumber stacked on a pallet
monkeypod turning sqaures with lots of grain
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