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We have been making these solid teak wood trellises for nearly 20 years. We have a tried and true design that is both elegant and durable. Our trellises are made with true teak wood (scientific name Tectona Grandis) and have solid teak slats that are spaced to optimally provide sufficient support for all of your climbing plants.  These trellises are lightweight and durable, making installation a seamless experience. They easily attach to your wall and brighten the aesthetic of any home or business. 

Diamond hardwood Trellises

Purchase with the ease of swift shipping and personalized choices all while championing eco-conscious values.

      We have made tens of thousands of these trellises. They hold up really well in ice and snow. Over time the trellises weather to a beautiful silver color. Check out the images below to see how these beautiful teak trellises are used!​

Diamond hardwood Trellises
Diamond hardwood Trellises
Diamond hardwood Trellises

Teak Trellis

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Garden Trellises

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