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Best Exotic Wood for Guitars

Beautiful cocobolo electric guitar by diamond tropical hardwoods


The art of crafting a guitar extends far beyond just assembling strings and a resonating chamber. It involves meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium materials that resonate with the musician's tastes. One of the most crucial decisions in guitar construction is choosing the right wood. Exotic hardwoods, with their striking grains, tonal properties, and unique characteristics, elevate the instrument from ordinary to extraordinary. In this blog post, we delve into the realm of exotic hardwoods for guitar construction, shedding light on the importance of quality wood and why Diamond Tropical Hardwoods stands as a beacon of excellence in this arena.

Wood in Guitars

Imagine a guitar that not only produces enchanting melodies but also boasts stunning aesthetics that capture the eyes and hearts of its audience. Exotic hardwoods hold the key to achieving this harmonious blend of form and function. Each type of wood brings its own unique attributes to the table, contributing to the guitar's resonance, sustain, and overall character.

Guitar Neck Blanks

The neck of a guitar is not just a connector between the headstock and body; it's a conduit for transmitting vibrations that define the instrument's sound. Diamond Tropical Hardwoods offers Mahogany neck blanks that mirror the legendary Gibson Les Paul's wood of choice. Mahogany, known for its rich tonal characteristics and stability ensures your guitar's neck is both a work of art and a performer's dream.

Another option to consider is Spanish cedar wood, these neck blanks boast a grain pattern that not only enhances stability but also adds a touch of natural beauty. Our Spanish cedar wood is sourced with care and subjected to meticulous kiln drying to ensure unparalleled quality. Each blank arrives rough cut and is ready for your creative touch. Whether you're shaping, sanding, or molding, our neck blanks are designed to cater to your custom guitar builds and repairs. The inherent lightness of Spanish cedar wood contributes to the neck's lightweight nature, while its warm tonal response and commendable sustain elevate your guitar's sonic identity.


Veneers are the canvas upon which the guitar's visual story unfolds. Mango and Cocobolo veneers transform your guitar into a masterpiece with their exquisite grain patterns and colors that breathe life into the instrument's appearance. Moreover, their impact on the tonal nuances of the guitar cannot be understated, as they contribute to the overall sound projection and resonance. Mango and Cocobolo veneers appeal to both the eyes and the ears in a harmonious blend that excites many guitar and woodworking enthusiasts alike.

spanish cedar veneer for guitar building from diamond tr

Guitar Bodies and Heels: Spanish Cedar's Charm

Crafting the body of a guitar involves selecting a wood that resonates in harmony with the strings. Spanish cedar, found at Diamond Tropical Hardwoods, possesses remarkable qualities that make it an excellent choice for guitar bodies. The Spanish Cedar guitar body blanks we offer are carefully selected from high-quality wood, kiln-dried to perfection, and curated to ensure optimal stability and tonal attributes. The result? Guitar bodies that stand as a testament to both craftsmanship and artistry.

Spanish cedar's lightweight nature, inherent strength, and distinctive fine grain provide your guitar with not just a durable foundation but a unique aesthetic appeal as well. Its consistent moisture content, even in changing environments, guarantees that your guitar's tonal characteristics remain constant over time.

Personalizing Your Guitar

Every musician seeks a guitar that echoes their personality and style. With Diamond Tropical Hardwoods' range of exotic woods, personalization is taken to the next level. The availability of different hardwoods, each with its own sonic and visual identity, empowers you to create a truly unique instrument that resonates with your individuality.

Why Choose Diamond Tropical Hardwoods?

At Diamond Tropical Hardwoods, we aren't just suppliers; we are purveyors of passion and artistry. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation sets us apart. We provide you with a treasure trove of woods that not only embody the spirit of exceptional craftsmanship but also encapsulate the soul of music. Here's why you should consider our wood products for your next guitar-building endeavor:

  • Unparalleled Selection: Our collection features Spanish cedar, Mahogany, Mango, and Cocobolo Veneer – a testament to our dedication to diversity and choice.

  • Exceptional Quality: Every piece of wood we offer has been handpicked for its grain, density, and resonance, ensuring you receive only the best.

  • Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize responsible forestry practices, so when you choose our products, you're making an environmentally conscious decision.

The journey of crafting a guitar transcends the realm of mere craftsmanship; it's an art form that speaks through the hands of the musician. Exotic hardwoods breathe life into instruments, adding depth to the sound and elevating aesthetics. Diamond Tropical Hardwoods, with its carefully curated selection, brings you a world of possibilities to create a guitar that's a true extension of your musical tastes. It's time to transform your musical aspirations into reality – visit our website and explore the myriad of options that await you.

Take the Next Step

Discover the magic that lies within the grains of our exotic hardwoods. Visit our website today to explore our complete selection of Spanish cedar, Mahogany, Mango, and Cocobolo Veneer. Unleash your creativity and create an instrument that's not just a guitar but a piece of your personality and heart.

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