Spirit Song Shoulder-Shoulder Straight Back Bench


Designed by Tiffany and Tiffany, the Spirit Song collection is the paragon of inventive engineering and artistic vision. We use the finest grade First European Quality (FEQ) heartwood teak in crafting this exquisite collection. The Shoulder/Shoulder Straight Back Bench is shaped to match the human form for uncompromising comfort in a wooden bench. Tensioned stainless steel rods secure the parallel elements while spacers separate them and create this bench’s ethereal impression of fluid form. The Spirit Song bench will distinguish any setting from a metropolitan decor to a remote woodland retreat.

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  • 🌳50″ L, 27″ D, 33″ H🌳

    🌳60″ L, 27″ D, 33″ H🌳

    🌳72″ L, 27″ D, 33″ H🌳

    🌳84″ L, 27″ D, 33″ H🌳

    🌳92″ L, 27″ D, 33″ H🌳

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