Super Long, Sanded Squared Teak Posts - 120 to 192 inches long


The squared teak posts are very durable and useful.

We have these teak posts up to 192 inches long.

One teak post that measures 4″ x 4″ x 180 inches long = 20 board feet.

To calculate the board footage you need to multiply the length X the width X the thickness and divide by 144.

These are some special teak posts that are nearly all heartwood and really square. These can be used for fencing, gazebos, or outdoor furniture. This is really nice teak! 

It is normal to have some checking or cracking on these squared teak posts as the center has juvenile wood and pith or centerheart and the outer part of the tree has a different density including sapwood or white wood.

**Please note that these pieces cannot be sent by UPS or FEDEX ground.**

  • Please send us a message if you are interested in these posts. They are very large and need special shipping procedures. 

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