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Exploring the Impact of Reforestation: A Founders Blog

We had a nice drive today on one of our first reforestation projects in Costa Rica where we planted ornamentals and bamboo to anchor down the soil. The buzzing cicadas were very loud but we did not see any wildlife as the monkeys, sloths, and scarlet macaws are smart and keep out of the tropical midday sun. We visited a giant Ceiba tree that seems to be around 250 years old with poison dart frogs in a little cavity at the base. We have seen jaguars and pumas here but these cats are nocturnal and very stealthy. Our reforestation project caretaker saw two of them in a teak tree that jumped down from a height of 32 feet (he measured). The trees we planted here in 1994 and 1995 are growing well—cocobolo rosewood, Goncalo alves, mahogany, Spanish cedar, granadillo and teak. There are some baby teak trees that we have to tie up after windy/rainy weather. These trees went in where we cut down an old teak fence line around 40 years old. Plenty hot this dry season with the Panama Canal having problems with water supply so the biggest boats cannot go through.

I hope you enjoyed my first founders blog and learned more about our reforestation projects. -Kevin

kevin and his father in costa rica

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