35 Pounds Assorted Tropical Woods Pack - CITES species included

$150.00 Regular Price
$139.00Sale Price

This listing is for 35 pounds = around 8 to 10 board feet of the finest, highly figured tropical exotic woods. This is a sample pack with an assortment of unfinished pieces and a variety of species. This pack includes shorts and cutoffs. This is a great listing for someone who makes pens, marquetry, intarsia, or for small crafts. These woods have been kiln dried and are great for testing finishes or turning to see if you like a wood.  You can check our Diamond Tropical Hardwoods website to see the species that we sell.

Here is a list of the woods that we sell: Cocobolo rosewood, Spanish cedar, teak, mahogany (scientific or latin name swietenia), yellowheart, orangeheart, redheart, santa maria, bastard lignum vitae, pink rosewood (a true dalbergia!) goncalo alves tigerwood, granadillo, monkeypod, Costa Rican mahogany (scientific or latin name bombacopsis) and mango. This 35 pounds of wood will include cocobolo rosewood, mahogany, Spanish cedar and some of these other species.   The 35 pound pack is different from the 25 pound pack because the larger pack has species that are controlled by CITES permit.     This 35 pound pack will include cocobolo rosewood, Spanish cedar, and true mahogany.   The pictures show some of our beautiful wood made into nice things.

We have low temperature humidification kilns so the wood dries slowly and will not have stresses, checking, and problems associated with high temperature kiln drying. Your purchase will help us to continue reforesting abandoned cattle pastures in Costa Rica, a country that has had some of the highest deforestation rates in the world. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have a platinum reputation for quality and service. 

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