Cocobolo King Lumber All Heartwood


This is a listing for 2 board foot of Cocobolo King Lumber.  King Cocobolo is the highest quality cocobolo in the world.  We will send 2 board feet of Highest Quality King Cocobolo Lumber.  


Cocobolo Rosewood is a dark rosewood that is renowned for its incredible figure. The sapwood is a creamy yellow and white, while the heartwood is a dark reddish brown often with brilliant flashes of violet and orange. Due to its incredible figure and rarity, it is highly valued. It can be turned, milled, planed, and drilled without chipping.    All of our Cocobolo is sustainably planted, grown, harvested, and milled.  As a part of the Rainforest Alliance, we work daily to protect the Rainforest while ethically sourcing our Cocobolo.  We have CITES permits for all of our Cocobolo that is imported and exported outside of the United States.

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