Teak Posts

About our Teak Posts

 These Teak Posts are great for making mailbox posts, swing sets, fences, banisters, decking, docks, tables, and other woodworking projects. Tectona grandis (Teak) is a superb option for fencing, gazebos, or outdoor furniture. 

These posts have a center heart or pith.  It is normal to have some checking or cracking on these squared teak posts as the center has juvenile wood and pith or center heart and the outer part of the tree has a different density including sapwood or white wood.


Our teak is sustainable and FSC certified.  It comes from our reforestation projects in democratic Costa Rica.  We have been planting trees on old cattle farms since 1993 Your purchase will support this reforestation. We are grateful for your support.  We can only promise to plant trees with your money.  


We are a family-owned business based in Pennsylvania.  We also sell many more tropical hardwoods, but nothing rivals our Teak wood.