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Exotic Guitar Wood

    Diamond Tropical Hardwoods carries beautifully figured woods that make outstanding guitars. We have stunning Spanish cedar blanks that can be transformed into handsome electric guitar bodies. Spanish cedar has the unique property of maintaining a stable moisture content despite its outdoor environment. It is also very rigid and very lightweight. We also stock Mahogany neck blanks, the same wood used for Gibson Les Pauls. We also carry veneer Mango and Cocobolo Veneer.  Each book-matched set of veneer is unique and will create a beautiful guitar.

About our Exotic Guitar Wood Products

cocobolo rosewood electric guitar shiny and glossy
the back of a cocobolo rosewood guitar
cocobolo rosewood veneer for guitar
finished cocobolo rosewood electric guitar with whitewood
Punk Electric Guitar made out of cocobolo rosewood
Fiddleback figured mango
cocobolo rosewoodguitar back bookmatched

Guitar Body Blanks

Guitar Neck Blanks

Guitar Veneer 

Heel Blanks

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