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36 inch by 36 inch teak trellis
teak trellises used for gardening
teak wood planters stacked by DTH
teak planter filled with pretty red flowers


one of a kind mango table with stumps that are chairs
full set mango live edge table and charis
teak wood designer spirit song chair
teak wood spirit song designer furniture
giant monkeypod wood slab


large teak wood slab
highly figured mango wood slab
large spanish cedar slab
granadillo wood slab
tigerwood wood slab
exotic strangler fig base


beautiful teak wood base with a hole
mango wood base with a hole in it
monkeypod raintree wood base
all heartwood cocobolo rosewood base
teak wood sturdy base
highly figured granadillo lumber
highly figured mango wood lumber
teak wood grain with lots of figure zoomed in
monkeypod wood or rain tree grain zoomed in


highly figured mahogany lumber
highly figured spanish cedar lumber
highly figured tigerwood lumber
cocobolo rosewood figure


bulk cocobolo rosewood pen blanks stacked with high figure
Granadillo Cookie with red and white wood
highly figured cocobolo rosewood turning squares for pool cue
construction grade teak posts stacked
quartersawn teak wood tongue and groove
fiddle back mango guitar from Diamond Tropical Hardwoods
48 inch teak trellis
Teak Planters and window boxes stacked
Diamond Tropical Hardwoods Logo

The story of Diamond Tropical Hardwoods grew out of a desire to help and serve others. Kevin and Christine Yardley met while both were studying at Harvard University. Upon graduating, the newlyweds volunteered to teach English for the WorldTeach organization in rural Costa Rica. Because there was no guarantee of them being stationed in the same area, Christine became a teacher in the program while Kevin began dedicating his prodigious energy to protecting the environment in an entrepreneurial way. Costa Rica had some of the fastest deforestation rates in the world, so there was a desperate need to offset this environmental destruction. Costa Rica’s biodiversity includes 5 percent of all known species in an area the size of West Virginia. The reforestation effort in Costa Rica has done a great deal of good.

In 1992, Diamond Tropical Hardwoods bought their first degraded cattle farm and began planting teak. In addition to farming teak, they have planted seventy other species including endangered native trees such as mahogany, purpleheart and cocobolo rosewood.  Today, their 12 plantations protect more than 1000 acres of primary and secondary jungle. The company has seen the impact of logging in the rainforest and the widespread harm that it produces. This is why Diamond Tropical Hardwoods adheres to strong principles and certifies their reforestation to be organic and sustainable.

Two Men standing in the rainforest next to a 30 year old tigerwood tree

Our Story

We began reforesting trees in 1993. These projects produce clean air and water (more than a thousand people get drinking water from our natural springs) as well as the natural habitats for endangered species such as jaguars, scarlet macaws, and squirrel monkeys. “We also produce Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified woods so that you know these are sustainable. We have chain-of-custody (CoC) certification (FSC-C005190) that keeps track of our wood” Here are some important facts about why you should use more wood!

Teak tree

Environmental Consciousness

Our goal is to reforest the rainforest while making sustainable, long-lasting products. Respect, Empathy, and Hardwork are key aspects of our identity. We vow to always respect the Rainforest and plant trees to protect future generations. For every order we receive, we use your money to plant more trees. 

Our Philosophy

FSC certification of Diamond Tropical Hardwoods

Our Process

The Green Certifications of DTH
Teak Plantation in Costa Rica reforested by DTH

About Us