Diamond Tropical Hardwoods

Diamond Tropical Hardwoods sells fancy tropical woods such as teak, cocobolo rosewood, mahogany, monkeypod, goncalo alves, granadillo, spanish cedar, yellowheart, orangeheart, redheart and many other exotics hardwoods.  We own sawmills and kilns and can custom cut, shape, and mold wood.  Please send the required dimensions and details.  Wood that has been edged, planed, and sanded costs less to ship!

Any product that you were considering on Ebay or Amazon we can sell to you for 5% less on this website.   

If you cannot find that product here please send us an email so we can help you.

In 1992, Diamond Tropical Hardwoods bought its first degraded cattle farm and began planting teak. In addition to farming teak, we have planted seventy other exotic species including endangered native trees such as mahogany, purpleheart, cocobolo rosewood, granadillo, monkeypod, Spanish cedar, yellowheart, goncalo alves, redheart, santa maria, and mango fruit wood. Today, our reforestation projects protect more than 1000 acres of primary and secondary jungle. The company has seen the impact of harmful logging in the rainforest.  Diamond Tropical Hardwoods adheres to strong principles and certifies its reforestation to be organic and responsible. We were green before it was trendy!  All we can promise is that we will plant trees with your money.