Sanded Teak Crosscuts Various Size & Shape


This listing is for a sanded solid teak wood crosscut or cross-section from a teak tree.
We have many variations of these pieces of solid teak wood. We would be happy to pick out round ones. Or if you prefer a more funky shape then we can send two of those. Some of them have really cool star bursts in the center. Others have round holes. We call the ones with holes cat hole tables . These sell really well in art galleries.
These have been sanded so they are ready to be made into something beautiful. These solid teak crosscut pieces are from true teak trees with the scientific name Tectona grandis and they are beautiful on coffee tables, clocks, artwork, outdoor walkways, etc. You can also use these in shelves, chairs, and other unique custom pieces of furniture (see sample pictures of tables). They are cut at a 20 degree angle for more stability. They make great educational tools for showing people how trees grow and the different parts of a tree--growth rings, sapwood, heartwood, pith, etc. These come in matched sets and have the diameter, thickness, and quantity with each listing. They make fabulous pieces of furniture and can be used indoors or outdoors as teak is very durable with natural oils and silica. This makes the teak impervious to rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

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