Teak Pool/Spa Skimmer Lid Cover


This listing is for one Teak Pool/Spa filter lid cover. This will fit in almost any standard skimmer. It is made from Costa Rican Teak (Teconta Grandis).
Teak is a very durable wood used on the decks of Naval Ships. It lasts years outdoors and is used for a lot of outdoor furniture.

The dimensions for this lid are :

Diameter: 9" 
Thickness: 7/8" including lower lip
Inside Diameter: 8 1/4"

This Skimmer Pool lid also includes two teak slats that prevent cracking and splitting. It allows the wood to breathe, and does not crack under the constant sun rays.

 We are grateful for your support.  We can only promise to plant trees with your money.   We are a family-owned business based in Pennsylvania.     We also sell a lot of fancy tropical woods (that we also plant) such as mahogany, Spanish cedar, goncalo alves tigerwood, granadillo, cocobolo rosewood, mango, monkeypod, yellow heart, etc.  You can see these on our website    www.diamondtropicalhardwoods.com      We ship worldwide.   Please call or email if you have any questions.  Cordially,  Diamond Tropical Hardwoods/Diamond Teak   215 257 2556

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